Merchant Cash Advance
Services: Merchant Cash Advance
Prudential Leasing offers merchant cash advances to businesses nationwide. Our
program allows you to access capital in days without having to submit financial and tax
information. There is no personal liability to you and we are not relying on your credit
score, your payment history or your profitability. The program is simply based on your
credit card sales. We will advance up 125% or more on your average monthly credit card
receipts. This access to capital can now allow you to buy new equipment, pay down other
debts, or even remodel.
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To Determine How Much You Qualify For:

Add up your last 6 months credit card
processing statements. If for example it totals
$600,000; divide by 6 months = $100,000
average per month. We will advance up to
125% of $100,000, or $125,000 in cash for
any purpose.
  • You have to accept Visa, MasterCard or
    American Express.
  • You have at least $5,000 in monthly credit card
    sales based on your last three or six months
    credit card merchant processing statements.  
  • You have been in business for at least 6 months
    (in some cases less).
Questions? Give us a call at (866) 835-7150 or fill out our inquiry form today.
To Qualify:
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After you have been approved and receive your capital, you will pay off the balance based
on a percentage of your future credit card sales. If you’re paying 15% back of credit card
sales, you’re keeping 85%. If you have a slow month, and sales are down, you simply pay
back less. If you have a great month and have extra revenues, you can pay off faster. You
are not stuck with a fixed payment that you need to worry about making regardless of cash

Typically, we set a repayment schedule on 15% to 20% of your future credit card receipts,
including all charges, until the total is repaid.  In most cases you’re paid in full in 6 to 8
months. And to make a good thing even better; after you have repaid 50% of the original
amount, you qualify for a new advance line with just a phone call. Please call us today for
more information on this program or for a simple application.