Prudential Leasing provides dump trailer finance solutions throughout the United States. We have assisted a large number of purchasers secure the best interest rates on their used or new truck. We understand the necessity for dump trailer finance solutions that can be customized to your company's demands. Prudential Leasing can provide clients longer term limits and a lower down-payment. You will get your truck funded swiftly with no issues. Further down is a general outline of the lending programs. Be sure to call us to find out about the dump trailer finance solutions available.



  • An average Credit Score of 625
  • Trailers no age restrictions.
  • Special trailer finance program for fast growing companies.

Some Requirements
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equipment financing
  • Optional down payments with lower monthly cash outlay.
  • Sales tax paid over the term.
  • Terms up to 60 months.
  • Faster write-offs than standard depreciation
  • Off balance sheet financing.
  • One dollar buy-out lease or finance options.